select by attributes string input field for text and textnodes greyed out [Connect]

Hi All,

I'm trying to use "Select by Attributes" as with V8i. I'm trying to select text with some special string input in all Levels with the MS Connect Edition

But if I'm clicking  through the "Select by attributes GUI" I can not input some string in the string input field. Why?

  • Hello.

    Since this command does not work yet.. I had to do a workaround, 

    Make a macro to replace the text that you want to select... This of course I only an example, but could be better if add the input text dialog... I hope this could help you.

    Regards Guillermo Perez

    'Example to select by text string = "Model Rev", and remove it
    'Original Text = "Model Rev 150000 Ambient 25DEC"
    'final Text = "Ambient 25DEC"
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "UPDATE 1 "
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "MDL SILENTLOAD SELECTBY dialog"
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "DIALOG SELECTBY "
    SetCExpressionValue "selectorGlobals.textstring", "Model Rev"
    SetCExpressionValue "selectorGlobals.textstringButton", -1, "SELECTBY"
    SetCExpressionValue "selectorGlobals.typemask[0]", 5009, "SELECTBY"
    CadInputQueue.SendCommand "SELECTBY EXECUTE "
    ' Replace
    Dim ElEnum As ElementEnumerator
    Set ElEnum = GetElementEnumerator
    If ElEnum Is Nothing Then GoTo Fin_
    While ElEnum.MoveNext
    With ElEnum.Current
    .Redraw msdDrawingModeErase
    index = index + 1
    If .Type = msdElementTypeText Then
    Dim oTextEl As TextElement
    Set oTextEl = ElEnum.Current
    oTextEl.Text = "Ambient" & Split(oTextEl.Text, "Ambient")(1)
    .Redraw msdDrawingModeNormal
    End If
    End With
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "MDL UNLOAD SELECTBY"

    Answer Verified By: Frank Klein 

  • i'm sorry but if you know the text string you want to find  then  doesnt find replace  find the text?


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  • Hi,

    Search and Replace does not select text elements, so this is not a work around  for massive text changes.



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