select by attributes string input field for text and textnodes greyed out [Connect]

Hi All,

I'm trying to use "Select by Attributes" as with V8i. I'm trying to select text with some special string input in all Levels with the MS Connect Edition

But if I'm clicking  through the "Select by attributes GUI" I can not input some string in the string input field. Why?

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  • The tool to select does not work

    Rather than tell us that something doesn't work, why not tell us what you want to achieve?

    Do you want to...

    1. Find text that matches some criteria
    2. Replace text that matches some criteria
    3. Resymbolise text that matches some criteria
      • What criteria?
    4. Modify text in the active DGN model
    5. Modify text in all models
    6. Modify text in many files
    7. Something else?

    I suggest you start a new post.  This thread started in 2015 and is marked as answered.  You appear to have a new question.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions