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I have spent years developing a series of customised pull down menus.  These include;


Links to keyins

Sheet creation processes i.e. 5 steps to create a sheet file, each step will call up a series of keyins

Links to specific cells i.e. door by type, width etc

Links to Annotation scales, that call up the level, load the tool and also load the styles.

Clean up tools

Links to mdls i.e. cell counter, cell utilities,

Links to VBA etc.


I have now noticed that Pull down menus are no longer supported in CONNECT, thus all my work will be lost or I have to painfully rethink on how I can get them to work in CONNECT.



Is this going to be supported?

What do others do with their menus in CONNECT?

Thank you


  • Ian,

    I've been experimenting with Screen menus.

    Sample can be found here.

    Advantages are.

    They are not subject interface changes.

    Can be used with key strokes and/or mouse clicks.

    Appear where your working, not on the perimeter.

    More control over appearance, size, etc.

    Graphic in nature so no programing requried.

  • David

    I have played with these in the past. They are good, but can look cluttered and ugly due to the icons. Do you know if you can have a right click and display a popup similar to the right click (hold) menu in CONNECT ie text driven

    Also, in your blog, where does the dgnlib file live to make it work?

    Thank you for the reply

  • The file needs to be in a path MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST uses.

    Buttons. Any place you can call a key-in command. Not sure if you can add hold actions to the button menu.

    I believe the sample screen menu delivered with MS include a pulldown type menu. You can make them as pretty or ugly as you want. You don't need to use icons at all. Only issue I ran into is small text doesn't render very cleanly due to some limitations on how MS renders the overlay.

    I'm a keyboard person so I use space bar to start. My attempt is to emulate a dynamic on screen keyboard.

    I'm guessing mine looks ugly because I'm throwing out a lot of information. Personally I don't notice it because at this point I'm just doing 2 letter keystrokes and don't even pay attention to the screen part. But in my opinion a beginner need to develop the Letter/Command association so it need to be obvious from the start, thus the clutter. However you are not restricted to keystrokes. I can also just click on the screen.

  • David

    the referral to UGLY wasn't aimed at your setup. Just what I have found in the past versions ie ss3

    I like the sub categories and I will see I can replicate this from my old menus

    NOTE: It would still be nice to have a pull down menus

    Thank you
  • David

    How did you manage to get some menus to be greyed out and inactive?

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