Import Coordinates and labels into different levels

I'm working with Microstation V8i SS2. My Problem:
- I want to import Coordinates from an ASCII-File into an DGN

- The ASCII-Files contains the following Information

X, Y, Z, Number, point-type, Description

The point-type is a number between 1 and 999

- I want to visualize the following information:
- Symbol for the point (cell)
- point - Number
- point - Elevation
- point - Description

The thing is, that i want to write this information into a DGN into different levels, depending on the point-type, that is e.g. for point-type 120 I want to have the following levels:


I want to be able to do the import in one step, and not several!
I know the xyz-import-function, and i also know the mdl PLTPNT.MA. That's just not quite what im looking for.

Does anyone know a solution to this? Thanks in advance

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