I have defined the variable MS_DESIGNSEED correctly.

MS_DESIGNSEED    = $(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)Seed\aaprog-seed-2D.dgn

But when I am making a new file the seed file suggested is not the one pointed to by the variable MS_DESIGNSEED but the last one that was used.

Is this WAD? I would prefer I could force people to use a particular seed file (or at least I would like that the seed file that is suggested is always the correct one).

Furthermore: when i click on browse (right from the suggested seed file) I am not directed to the directory MS_DESIGNSEED is pointing to. As far as I could figure out this has to do something with the space in the path: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Organization\Seed

Thanks for any input!

Luc Dierick

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  • Has there been any change to how this functions over the last 5 years? Even if that is WAD for Connect version, why the change from how it worked in V8i? If it remember the last seed file you used, why even bother with the variable?

    We have a DOT workspace we use with many different worksets associated with it, which we typically bounce back and forth between. Each workset should have it's own variation of the master seed file. Generally speaking, we only set the geocoordinate system in the workset seed, and that's it. But this one little change could have a large impact if you don't set it correctly. Seems like there is a greater margin of user error if forced to browse to the correct seed file each time.

    Thanks for any insight on this. I wonder if I'm alone in my yearning for the way V8i handled the seed files?


  • You are not alone many of us wish that parts of v8i still worked the same in connect modeling in connect is so much harder then it should be all for a philosophy of saving element history.