I have defined the variable MS_DESIGNSEED correctly.

MS_DESIGNSEED    = $(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)Seed\aaprog-seed-2D.dgn

But when I am making a new file the seed file suggested is not the one pointed to by the variable MS_DESIGNSEED but the last one that was used.

Is this WAD? I would prefer I could force people to use a particular seed file (or at least I would like that the seed file that is suggested is always the correct one).

Furthermore: when i click on browse (right from the suggested seed file) I am not directed to the directory MS_DESIGNSEED is pointing to. As far as I could figure out this has to do something with the space in the path: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Organization\Seed

Thanks for any input!

Luc Dierick

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