Connect - 2D Planar Distance Constraint

So, back in early Oct. I did a bunch of adjustments to the layout of the Connect Ribbon to make the work flow more user friendly.  Most of this involved moving the groups from the individual ribbons into pull down menus so they wouldn't take up nearly as much space.  Some how I tossed the "Planar Distance" Constraint into my Ribbon and I've been using it effectively to make the protrusion tool work for a few weeks.  Today I decided to segregate the dimensional constraints from the other 2D constraints in my customization because one type persists through 3D feature creation and the other does not.

Problem is... I cannot find this Constraint 2D Planar Distance tool anywhere in the original Bentley ribbons and I know I didn't just invent it.  What's even more weird is that the keyin half works it doesn't appear in the keyin browser as an option but it does activate the tool and does work!

My most immediate concern is should even be using this tool or is it going to cause some major issues down the road.

Thanks in advance.

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