Connect - AccuDraw: Where´s the short-cut (R+V) gone?


I'm wondering if the AccuDraw command "R+V" (rotate view) have been removed in MicroStation CONNECT?

I'm usually using the command when I want to rotate my drawing from top view to see the drawing

from a straight angle. You can see how I did it in the previous versions of MicroStation below.



Step 1. I snap on one of the corner of the block

Step 2. I press "O" to set the origin of the AccuDraw where I have snapped.

Step 3. I press "R+Q" (rotate quick) to set the right angle for the drawing to be straight

Step 4. At that point, I use the "R+V" command, after that I'll see my drawing straight.


If the command is gone, then my next question is, do you have any good idea how to do this in another way?