[CONNECT] - MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST at system level

I am trying to do some Ribbon customizations and was running into an issue as to where my dgnlib file was located.  I thought I was in the proper directory, but apparently I was not, so changes were happening to the "personal.dgnlib" file instead.  When I was trying the same process on my laptop, it was actually working properly.  Looking at the MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST variable, I see what is happening, but I am unsure as to how to fix it since it seems to be broken at the 'System' level and I've just gone though what I thought were the system .cfg files to no avail...

On the laptop (where everything works fine), this is what I have for the variable:

On my work pc (after commenting many cfg files):

By the looks of it, MicroStation Connect is somehow trying to get my default Documents directory.  My laptop is not managed by my IT department, but the pc is on the Domain and I know they manage the Home folder with AD.

The question is:  How is MicroStation finding this directory?  Is this setting modifiable from a MicroStation config or is it programmatically done?

Yes, I know I can reset the variable using '=', but I normally do not do this in my configurations due to version changes/enhancements.

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