Sheet Index / Items


I want to be able to edit title block data in sheet files without having to open the files.
I have tried CONNECTs new "Sheet index" feature and it does exactly what I'm looking for.

But...with sheet index only simple string items can be set to be properties of sheet models.
For things like title, date, scale,... this is fine. But what about revisions?

I have about 12 lines in each sheet. Each line consists of following properties:

  • Index (a,b,c,....)
  • Date
  • Drawn by
  • Description
  • Checked by

This is like 12x5=60 additional string properties for each sheet? hm...would be a mess, no?

On the other hand I've tried Item types:

  1. Defined a custom Revision Item type.
  2. Defined Item with array property of Revision type
  3. Attached Revision Item to model and added entries to array....nice user experience with Property Editor.

But...with Items I don't know how to edit them WITHOUT opening the model. Or administrate my sheets.

So, I'm looking for combination of Sheet index and "advanced" custom item types.
Maybe this is possible with tables or reports or blah?
Or do I have to write a custom tool for this? Hopefully not!

How do you handle this?
Any ideas?

For advice or inspiration I would be very thankful. Maybe there is just some feature I do not know of...