Connect - will it ever get fixed?

OK, so half the parametric doors in my drawing just disappears... again.  Will I never learn?  Never believe what a developer says in the Marketing BS.

I've used every Major rev of MicroStation ever released and have Beta tested starting with V4.  This has too be the most unstable product (10X) that I've had the extreme miss fortune of using.  Who ever is responsible for releasing this as a usable product should be fired.  They either have no pride on no clue about quality.  Its truly sad to see a company that once led in performance, stability and features decline to such a level.



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  • stuartw said:
    and using it's customer base as beta testers

    Seems to be a popular way how to release different software in today world. Companies like Google even named the most of their software "beta" and their change, cancel it or whatever else without notification ;-)

    stuartw said:
    I would say that it was released about a year too early

    In my opinion the problem is not if it was released too early or not (from a quality perspective it was for sure, I guess business people think different), but how often and in what style the new versions are released. I am sure we don't need contionuous integration (e.g. Amazon updates its production systems several times per hour ;-), but Bentley would be a bit more agile and until CONNECT Edition engine and platform will be not stabilized, to release a new version every let say 2 or 3 months at max (e.g. like unsupported WIP versions).

    As a developer I understand it's not simple to release so complex software, but with technology available today the most of activities (building, testing, creating of installer...) can be automated. On the other hand it's not good to spend a half of the year writing code without any response from real users. Nobody outside Bentley knows now what was implemented and repaired already and what changes will be presented in the next version. With this approach a threat always exists the new version will be released and the whole cycle of discussions about bugs (which can be even working tool implemented in a wrong way) will begin again.

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  • Jan, One would think Bentley could roll out a patch program that would update the software on the fly without a major install.
    A list of known issues should be relayed to the users.This would give us the user determine if we should invest time using the new release or stick with the old VI series.
    I've always trusted Bentley,but when they keep you in the dark and allow us to use a product that will be detrimental to our finished projects well then you have to question the company.


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