Connect - will it ever get fixed?

OK, so half the parametric doors in my drawing just disappears... again.  Will I never learn?  Never believe what a developer says in the Marketing BS.

I've used every Major rev of MicroStation ever released and have Beta tested starting with V4.  This has too be the most unstable product (10X) that I've had the extreme miss fortune of using.  Who ever is responsible for releasing this as a usable product should be fired.  They either have no pride on no clue about quality.  Its truly sad to see a company that once led in performance, stability and features decline to such a level.



  • Hi Karol,

    it seems you missed my point, maybe I did not express it clearly enough.

    I don't appeal against the fact there are bugs in CONNECT Edition and we are waiting for the new version too long, which is a serious problem. I know people using CONNECT Edition more and more without serious problems and also many people facing bugs blocking the migration (which is definitely not good), typically if there use more complex tools and features like 3D modeling and visualization.

    The discussion about bugs can be based on facts (and typically it is) , but as we know, a response from Bentley is quite limited. And also a question is if less new features but better tested and optimized would be better decision. In this point I mostly agree with mwlong.

    But to claim Bentley don't test their software and they should do GUI testing clicking on dialogs is, with all respect, shallow and not based on reality. Also to wrote Bentley spent 14 years to develop 64bit MicroStation is simply nonsense.

    So my reaction was not about to stop complaining and asking Bentley why there are bugs and new version has not been released yet despite the original assumption was a fall last year. But if to complain, I prefer to use facts and don't talk through one's hat.


  • Hello,

    Laughing is good, it made me laugh too > yes, Bentley does checking by ticking boxes. Almost every update that Bentley has done has broken something which used to work or something has been deleted without making that public. Not going to put a list here, I am not that free. Getting back to your so "Hmmm .... so why all operations you mentioned work fine?" those are the only commands that always work when a new release has been released. My question, who discovers the bugs? I can tell you it is not Bentley but the users....soooo Bentley is not ticking boxes??? In short, V8 2004 and XM were the most stable version of MicroStation released.

    I agree, no software is good but what I CAN say is that MicroStation and CONNECT are not simple. I use multiple software packages and MicroStation / CONNECT is all about clicking and workarounds, the more clicks the better apparently. But hey let's be honest, what we want is 1) "it works" or 2) "it doesn't work" and not 3) "it may or it may not work", the same as a YES or a NO and not MAYBE.

    Coming to your comment "Interesting. Woudl you be so kind and to explain how do you compute 14 years?" uuuuhhh by August 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP being first x64 OS > you may do the math.

    "Do you have a personal experience?" Yes, MicroStation is the PLATFORM used for every other Bentley application. I never mentioned that there is an CONNECT edition available for another application, what I said it is going to be a nightmare to use CONNECT as a PLATFORM for other applications if it is already containing a lot of bugs.

  • I don't think it is fair to say that Bentley does not test their software. How long was the Connect software released as BETA for users to preview the new features & work with them to find the bugs? In house testing can only go so far. Real world testing on actual live data is the only way to find truly hidden bugs. The software is very complex indeed and bugs are expected, but they are also expected to be fixed in a timely manner.

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  • Hi MJAN,

    Unknown said:
    uuuuhhh by August 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP being first x64 OS > you may do the math.

    Frankly, how the release date of Windows XP is related how long Bentley developed 64bit MicroStation? Do you really think Bentley (and any other company) started migration to 64bit platform when Windows XP 64bit, one from the worst piece of the software released by MicroStation, become available? Until Windows 7 there were not even too many users of 64bit Windows at all.

    Taking into account all technical conditions, which I can evaluate better then business ones, like stability of platform and API including drivers, availability of good compiler (both C++ and C#) with features required to link together all used modules and technologies (like Parasolid core, DirectX subsystem etc.), I guess it took few years, but not 14 for sure.

    And many companies, even the big one with plenty of users, still have not released 64bit versions of their products (like ESRI with ArcGIS for Desktop). I guess simply because it's pretty costly and complicated path.



  • Unknown said:
    In house testing can only go so far.

    I don't deny that there are some complex issues that are bound to arise only in real world... but...  the default browser for Windows 10 is EDGE which Help doesn't work on.  (Defect 7000402018) and was reported during the EAP.   Seriously how hard can it be to see if Help works on a default install of a "certified" platform?

    There were plenty of other known issues as well and the defects I've uncovered have surfaced doing first attempts at some very simple tasks.

    Bentley has a lot of resources at their disposal.  This product is simply showing where their priorities are.