text disappears

Hi folks,

I have text elements (texts and datafields) disappearing from a certain cell when I zoom in on it. This error showed up in someone's drawing yesterday. Turn's out it is messed up in the cell-library. If I open the model I have to zoom way out just to see the text elements. Only one is visible at all times. I can not select them by clicking at random. I have to zoom out, aim-click, then zoom back in to see them disappeare agan. The text is still selected but edit handles are in the wrong location and jumbled. I can select all texts by SELECT ALL and then deselecting all non-text items. Inquiring info is possible, but has no purpose. I've changed all element colours to see if that did anything, but besides being annoying that did nothing.

I ran both Fixrange and Verify to no avail.
Verify reported a truckload of 'element out of range' things. I restarted Microstation and did a Verify attempt again.
It reported once:  'verifyDimStyleEntryElm error: missing attribute data'
It reported eight times: 'verifyText_node_2d error: text node component 4428 range is outside range block' with eight component numbers.

I turned off anti-alias in the preferences.

Win7 (64bit)

Zoomed in

Zoom out

Zoomed out even more