Convert Multiple Arcs to Lines

I have shapes made of multiple line and arc segments.  I need to eliminate all arcs from these shapes, converting them to line segments.

The Facet Curve tool is inadequate.  There doesn't seem to be a way to have the degree of curvature be the factor which sets the line segment length.  For example, say I have 50 arcs, all with a radius of 100 ft, which vary in length from 10 ft long to 500 ft long.  It is inefficient treat these 50 variable length arcs one at a time using the Facet Curve tool and manually selecting the number of segments every time.  If you try to do them all at once, at maybe a number of 100, your 500 ft long arcs would work out well resulting in 5 ft long line segments, but your 10 ft long arcs would be ridiculous with a new line every 0.1 ft.

I thought maybe there was an answer in dropping the linestyle, but in order to do that the line would have to have breaks instead of being continuous.  I tried converting to a dashed line, then dropping the linestyle.  But when I tried to reconnect all the line segments, I could not find an efficient way to do that either.  

Please assist.  Thanks.