[CONNECT] How to Stop Autoload of MDL apps

It looks like CONNECT automatically loads any mdl apps that were loaded when it is exited. Although this avoids the user needing to set the MS_DGNAPPS or add them to the "Design Applications" config section, this is not alway desireable. I have several apps that I do not want to automatically load at startup.

Is there a way to tell CONNECT not to auto load certain mdl apps or just not to auto load any?

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  • We still face this problem

    As far as I can tell, Loren's diagnosis provides the clue to solve this problem.  The issue lies not in the MDL app itself, but in the way MicroStation processes its user interface (UI).  If the app is mentioned in a UI componetn, such as a menu, then that app is considered the owner of that UI component.  When MicroStation starts, it enumerates its UI and starts the owner app of each component.  Presumably, if the app doesn't have a UI, then this problem doesn't occur.

    Loren wrote: The work around is to close the app's toolbox before exiting CONNECT.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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