New Ribbon interface, what do you think?

Hi people.

Was talking about the Connect interface with and old work mate from previous office.
Looks like both agree. Ribbon interface is a catastrophic decision.

Personally, I've really felt disconnected with Bentley's vision on how MS should evolve, I love MS, SS3 is like a Ferrari tunned for race so don´t think I'm here for Autodesk fanboyism.

I got into MS after Acad swtiched to Ribbon. I loved Bentley systems because its unique approach to engineering soft with supper serious and practical interfaces, super powerfull design environment, great 3d modelling tool, the keyboard shorcuts that allow you to super quickly change tools etc...

I could not believe Bentley would EVER switch to  Ribbon. I'm so dissapointed. What do you people think? you like it?.

  • I hate the ribbon in Connect. I'm with you on SS3. Best interface to date for Micostation. Keyboard Mapping is awsome. I wish they would abandon the ribbon and stick with what works!

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  • How can I not reply to this!!

    I too dislike the ribbon. Mainly because it is just too slow and un-productive. Although not using CONNECT at the moment because it is not stable when I did it was set to use tasks and PM, which worked OK but no where near as quick as SS3. To be honest there is not enough about CONNECT to make it worth the move from SS3. Mind you lets see how update 1 improves things.
  • Hi, it seems to me a big step backward, and not think it's a problem to adapt, it is too slow. I just hope again SS3 environment. At the moment I do not change V8i.
  • I have to agree for now. We use both Civil 3D and Power InRoads, depending upon the client. So my Connect time has been very limited as it can only do drafting for us Civil InRoads users.
    But I have come to grips with the Ribbon in Civil 3D and Microsoft Office - although Office usually does not activate context sensitive panels, it does show their tabs highlighted.
    In Civil 3D, the workflow of selecting an object and then using the context sensitive ribbon panels works pretty well. For non-Civil 3D elements, we find ourselves using a mixture of traditional and ribbon based workflows.
    My testing of Connect showed that only Tables appeared to offer Context Sensitivity. IMHO, without that, the ribbon is only so much "Window Dressing".
    Maybe once the vertical applications move to connect, that will change.
    Although for us, until our clients move beyond InRoads Ss2, the Connect Version will be as out of reach as the Ss3 and Ss4 versions of InRoads are today.

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  • I don't care for the ribbon either, but it will grow on me. That has been the Microsoft standard way to interact with windows applications for several years. I knew it had to be an eventuality in MicroStation as it is now the "norm" for the next generation of users.

    Remember that users despised the Task menus when they were first introduced. I know quite a few users who still use the Main Classic toolbox.

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