PDF Title and Keywords

Does anyone know how, when creating a PDF, metadata such as 'Title' (drawing title), 'Author' (as in person rather than App) and Keywords can be included?

This greatly assists in finding them out of a morass of drawing numbers! By adding Property Handlers (eg PDF - ShellTools) this data can be displayed in both the columns and display panes of Windows etc Folder Views. What would be ideal is if the 'tags' used to populate the drawing title box could be exported when creating the PDF.

I found this link, but it is beyond my skill set!


As I understand it, you could write a VBA macro to call a .dll (which must be preloaded at start-up), and then include this in the PDF.pltcfg file (which you can update when printing using 'File/Edit printer driver configuration')? Can anyone help me with how this is done?

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