How we can get 3D solid shaded display dgn file ?

Dear Microstation Team,

We imported following other softwares drawing into Microstation and save as to *Dgn V7 version.

Cadworx 2016 Piping model : *. dwg

Cadworx 2016 Steel : ACIS *.Sat

Cadworx 2016 Equipment : ACIS *.Sat

Tekla 21.0 Structures : * .dwg

Further we are getting *.dgn file but its showing wireframe as shown in attached.

We want it to be shaded dispaly.

How we can get 3D solid shaded display dgn file ?

Note : We are using: Software : Microstation trail version , MS-Office 2010 - 64 Bit. Hardware : Workstation Dell Precision T3600

Waiting for reply.

  • Swapnil M Gholap said:
    How we can get 3D solid shaded display dgn file?

    1. Read MicroStation help: search for View Control Bar
    2. Choose a  View Display Mode from the Display Styles dialog

    MicroStation help was installed at the same time you installed MicroStation.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hi Swapnil,

    You screen shot looks like Bentley View CONNECT Edition.

    Did you try to open the view attributes dialog box by typing in the search box: view attributes  and selecting a Display Styles with shadows?

    I believe Display Styles with shadows should be applied to your dgn at least for the current session (dgn file read only)

    If you are using Bentley View SS4 use View menu\View attributes to select the Display Style

    If this does not work for you please send us the file for testing.



  • Hi all,

    This issue is also followed through the SR: 7000492210.

    The user sent me the files and there is an issue with the ACAD cells.
    I will follow up and get back to you