Cursor Crosshair Turned Black Colour


As the title, my cursor's crosshair has changed to a blck colour making it impossible to see.

I have tried using key in: set xor to change the colour but it does nothing.

Any ideas?



  • mwlong is correct but the cursor color will flip between white and black based on your background color. In addition to what mwlong suggested, go to the color table (Settings pull-down > Color Table) and click on the "B" in the lower right corner (background color) and check the RGB value of the color. You will want it to be Red = 0, Green = 0 and Blue = 0. If the RGB values are close to 0 but not 0 it may look black but actually be something close to black.
    so I would check both the curser color and the background color.

  • PGPfleuger called in and we checked the above suggestions - still same issue.
    What was found though is that when the User looks at the file projected onto a monitor screen (monitor Acer 22 - docking Lighting port), that is when the issue occurs.
    When looking at the screen of the laptop (still docked),
    HP ZBook 17G3
    NVida Driver - Quarto M3000M - there is no issue.


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