Cursor Crosshair Turned Black Colour


As the title, my cursor's crosshair has changed to a blck colour making it impossible to see.

I have tried using key in: set xor to change the colour but it does nothing.

Any ideas?



  • Hi Sarah,
    To me this sounds like a videocard / monitor driver issue.
    Have you checked already for monitor drivers for that specific monitor in combination with the Windows version you are using?

    Should it be a video card issue, check if new drivers are available, or let windows try and do that: uninstall existing drivers first, then restart your laptop/pc. Upon startup, windows will automatically start searching for a driver and if found, install it.

    Should updating the driver fail, see if forcing your system to use DirectX9 instead of DirectX11 helps to address this behavior.
    To force DirectX9, for V8i you will need to set the variable:

    For the CONNECT Edition, set:
    QV_DISABLE_D3D11 = 1

  • I have had what sounds like this issue for months, which has pushed me to work on a white background that's hard on my eyes.  I run 2 monitors [Lenovo ThinkVision]and a laptop screen [Lenovo P70 4K display].  I only run AECOsim Building Designer V8i SS6 [] on the two monitors.

    The cursor will show up white if I change the pointer to full view (also annoying).

    If I try to show someone else with a screen capture or screen share (Citrix Go-To-Meeting] the cursor shows up white on black in the captured or shared images.

    I believe I proved before that if I close the laptop and go back to only 2 screens it also works as intended.  White on Black and Black on White.

    I am sure that it has something to do with my graphics card and display drivers.

    I inserted the above QC variable to point to DirectX9 and restarted my software but, it did not make any difference.

    Another colleague in our office has the same thing, today another one had this happen but, a reboot seems to have solved his issue (he is only running 2 monitors).  I thought i would look on the forums again to see if anyone else had reported this issue and ran across this thread.

  • I'm having the same problem. On the laptop it looks fine. When I view anything with cross hairs (drawing, measuring, manipulation tools) on separate monitors, they go black and disappear. The only thing that seems to help is to go to Workspace-Preferences-Input and change the pointer size to full view. You will get the cross hairs across the full screen but at least you know where you are.

  • I have the same problem with an attached display, simple resolution is to change the pointer to a full screen cross hair. then both screens can see it.  Hope this helps

  • None of theese suggestions work for me. The typical situation accours for instance when I´m trying to rotate the view, how it is tilted on the screen.  I chose rotate - 3 Points and the haircross dissapears (turns black on black), and it becomes really difficult to find keypoints to be able to rotate. This happens also when using different other commands, and is extremely annoying and slowing my work down.