Do you use keyboard shortcuts?


Bentley is looking to interview users to provide feedback which can help influence features in the next generation of Bentley products.  We are looking for power users who utilize keyboard shortcuts and/or navigation for the majority of their work in MicroStation or other applications.  

The interview would take approximately 30 minutes, and involve questions regarding your use and expectations of the keyboard for shortcuts and/or navigation.  Please reply below if you believe you fit the description and are interested.

(Because of time constraints, we are only looking for a few users. If there is a large response, we appreciate your interest, but may not be able to interview all that are interested. Thanks!)

  • I am the opposite of Lorys. I LOVE the keyboard mapping! I know a lot of people do not understand the way it is set up, but within a short period I was able to memorize most of what I use on a daily basis. I find that the people who do not use Microstation in production mode (Engineers just doing design work) tend to not utilize it because they are not actually drawing a lot. There are also a few old school drafters who are used to utilizing the icons. I never used the Acad keyboard input back when our company used the software. I found that I had to type a lot more & it really slowed me down. I am one of the few people in my office that uses the keyboard mapping & F keys most of the time. Everyone is always asking me how I can perform certain tasks in such a short amount of time. It is due to using the keyboard mapping. I no longer need to move my cursor around to click icons & search for where they are.

    I do not utilize the right click menu. I know it is convenient but I found it to be slower because you need to click and hold the right mouse button to activate it & I also forget about it.

    If keyboard mapping goes away my production is going to drop dramatically. It does not work well with the new ribbon interface either.

    Power InRoads v8i

    Microstation CONNECT

    Microstation v8i SS 10


    ORD CONNECT 2021 R1


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