CE - What do the users want fixed......

Call out to users

Now we have seen what CE Update 1 has to offer. I think we should compile a list of issues, we the users deem as show stopper, major issues, issue that are stopping us from using CE.

My issues;

  • Speed. takes 5-10 times longer to open a DGN than V8i.
  • Cannot Customize the File menu
  • No Level filter icon in the Attribute dialog
  • PowerDraft Ce +1 (I guess will not have batch convert tools - even though we are crying out for it.)

as a User Group, we need Bentley to act faster to fix our issues, rather than the issues they think need fixing, which is apparent in the CE update 1

Speak out and have your say...

Ian Lapper


Bentley UK Usergroup (BUG) 

  • There were two actual show stoppers in that were both fixed in update-1 for us.

    One had to do with copying elements and having the software create a association between the geometry which resulted in modifying one and having both get modified. This could have and likely would have cost us some major headaches in the design phase and possibly could have cause a critical failure or error in design with potential for worst case ramifications. Thankfully this was fixed because we as a company refused to consider using it on a real project until it was.

    The 2nd was un-supported AutoCAD fonts with annotation scaling there were issues with underline offsets being ignored and while we could have manually drawn underlines to get around translations could have had issues.

    We've still got a list of other issues but most of them while inconvenient do not make the software un-usable. I will agree however, that anything which makes it less efficient then v8i does not give us any real cause to push forward with CE. I for-see in the short run a couple of us may start using CE on a regular basis as beta users in order to find more issues and prepare for the day when it is functional.