CE-U1 - Work around for radial dimensions?

Anybody find a solution to the radial dimension (or lack there of) leaders un-extended vs extended toggle?  When the radial dimensions were removed from CE in favor of the dimension element tool (which we never used because it lacked functionality and still does) the ability to dimension a diameter un-extended or a radius extended seems to be gone.  Or at least gone without allot of work.

The styles box does let me change the leader style, so i can create a style for leaders extended vs un-extended for both radius and diameter but it'll take 16 or so dimension styles ontop of the list which is already pretty long just to change between toggles which have always existed till CE.

We can't be alone in this issue people don't actually think that the diameter in the picture below looks better with two arrows inside the circle vs one outside it breaks basic drafting rules that have been established for a century.  (I hand drew the far right dimension style to achieve the format desired with un-extended diameter)

Has anybody else found a work around for this or a way to make the toggles show up?

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