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  • Hello Beata Szpircak,

    Do you mean you want to Merge all References attached to those 500 files?

    If yes you can follow steps given below.
    1. Open a file have a reference attached
    2. Key in "reference merge all", it will popup one alert dialog,
    3 Check ON the "Do not Show this Again" option and click OK.
    4. Now Go to Batch Process Utility.
    5. Add line "reference merge all" to batch process command file.
    6. run this for all the 500 files.

    Hope this Helps!


  • Beata Szpircak said:


    I have question about how to write script to Batch process, which inludes copying objects from references to dgn? I have about 500 files, which are empty and are connected with another files with reference. I want to copy all objects from reference to my 500 files.

    I'm a layman. I made only 1 file, which moved some objects from 1 layer to another, but here:

    I tried to connect some sentences, but it didn't work:

    #Clear SelectBy list

    reference display on *
    reference levels on * *;selview all
    on=*;selview all
    reference display on border
    reference levels border;selview all

    selectby type all;selectby execute;makecopy on;selectby execute;xy=   DELETE THIS LINE and replace with  "reference merge all"  

    #fit view

    #file>save settings

    save design

    See my  editing of your script above in red, if you dont do this you will have duplicates of all the elements from the ref files

    The Merge will do the copying  for you but remember you only get the elements  that are  in levels that are  turned on

    so you previous commands to turn on levels is correct..

    Beware if you have  nested refs ie refs inside refs and you want to turn on all level   you need to have  extra   *.*  -> *  to turn on  levels that are off in the  nest..

    But I dont  know if thats a good thing either  if the  files have levels off for  presentation both in the  ref and  nest do you still want  capture those  elements?

    for more script info  on levels look in help especially the special command    " -> "  for nested refs


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