revit RFA Family files in microstation Connect u2!


I am very happy to see that we will now be able to import and use Revit RFA famiy parts in Microstation, and they are parametric! I did not see that coming. Has anyone had the time to test this yet. If yes, does it ( as promised in the usermanual) keep the variations ? I will also try find some free files and test this out in a few days.



  • Hi Helgeh,

    MicroStation CONNECT Update 2 can consume RFA content as parametric cells, all the variation of the Revit family are kept and available can be changed via the Properties dialog, while its business properties are stored in an Item Type.

    This new, exciting functionality is currently in Technology Preview, so please let us know what you think of it when you have time to test and use it.

    Marco Salino

    Product Manager, MicroStation

    Bentley Systems intl


    Hi Marco,

    Yep, i think its very good that RFA Familys can be used in MS! I did try out some RFA files that i found online today. My first impression is that the simpler once work, and the more advanced files loses the variations. All RFA files i tried kept the business data. I have ( hopefully ) attached some of the once that seems to be missing the variations, and one that did nor import.



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