WMS Bounding Box and Limits issue (TR 340554; STATUS)

I came  across trying to use a WMS- source like:

"h t t p ://geo5.service24.rlp.de/wms/verwaltungsgrenzen_rp.fcgi"

If I add the server to the WMS Servers in Microstation/Powerdraft Raster-manager and open the source I get a wrong
value for the bounding  box and i can not save the connection to a xwms file. The buttons "SAVE, "SAVE and ATTACH" are greyed out as long I keep the standards limits settings.

The message bar of Microstation shows: "Bounding box wrong for WMS Map" message

Is there something new, since TR340554 (post: http://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/f/19565/p/63762/213248#213248)

Or why do I have to set the limits to not using them?

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