place note with text below line

Can the text from a Place Note command be made to display below the leader line?  We would like to be able to put "proposed" text above the line, and "existing" text below the line.  I have written a VBA that works, but would like to know if that was needed.

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  • Unknown said:
    Adding to above 1st workaround....
    In text editor when text lines are more than one > select all text line except 1st > click on [...] button > In 'Text Styles' dialog > General tab> turn OFF 'Overline' checkbox.
    This will remove unwanted overlines. After finish Reset the style again.

    I cant follow your work flow , too brief or keyword missing... can you  do a  video demo  or series of screen shots  with all the  tools etc what  is the  [....] button 


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