place note with text below line

Can the text from a Place Note command be made to display below the leader line?  We would like to be able to put "proposed" text above the line, and "existing" text below the line.  I have written a VBA that works, but would like to know if that was needed.

  • This is a test

  • Can you use these settings? One thing to keep in mind to accomplish this is that since there are 2 lines of text below the line you need to have a blank line above the first line of text

    Microstation CONNECT -

    ORD - 2021 R1

    ORD 2022 R1.1 -

    ORD 2022 R3 -

    Microstation v8i SS 10 -

    Power InRoads v8i -

    ProjectWise -

  • I only just  found this Brilliant solution and understanding of all the menu settings great job...


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