Swap views between windows?

I have a two-monitor, two application window setup. I love it. I primarily work on one monitor, while the other holds a lot of dialogs, palettes and an extra view window or two.

Every once in a while, I will be working so that my main monitor has my working "area of interest", while the view on my second monitor shows another area that I'm using for reference. I'd like to be able to "swap" views, so that when I'm done working on area 1 I can start working on area 2, maintaining area 1 on a view as a reference. Basically, I'd like to switch things around to show area 2 on monitor 1 and area 1 on monitor 2.

Can I do that?

I know I can copy a view from one window to another (use it all the time), but that only works one way. I can get what I want through a process of Copy View/View Previous. I was just hoping there was some kind of one-click wonder for this.


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