Turn Connection Client Sign-in OFF

So far we were installing the free Bentley View (vw081109459en SS3) I'm trying to create a new corporate PC image, with the new View (vw081109829en SS4). The new version has a limited 'free use' (only 7 days) and demands a registration via the login of the Connection Client.

This is a tool for blue-collar workers, or administrative people from all over the company, to be  able to see our CAD files . They don't need cloud-connection or co-operation or file sharing. Some don't even have an internet connection.It should just be a viewer of .DGN-files, and nothing more.

How can I configure Bentley View (with or without the Connection Client) to be able to run for more than 7 days, without having to supply or create a login for every separate user? I need a silent login by default, or no login at all.

As a sideline: I have always been an advocate of using Bentley software all over the company, but if they insist on feeding us functionality we don't need - we will never go into a cloud-based environment - without the possibility of turning it off, I'm afraid that my management is going to turn away from Bentley because it's too much trouble.