packaged imodel keyin script MicroStation CONNECT

What is the key-in nomenclature for batch processing multiple files to packaged imodels? I know I can batch a force of the dgn.i.dgn but the same script for V8i is not working in CONNECT. The keyin works if I know the filename output but I need the correct wording for the packaged imodel using the active files name?

in V8i, publishdgn package outputfilename;PUBLISHDGN CREATEDGNDBIMODEL works correctly but not in CONNECT. The "outputfiloename" seems to be the issue and I am simply missing something to get it to go. I am needing to batch publish a lot of imodels to packed imodels and then to .imodel files.

filename.dgn.i.dgn  -->> filename.i.dgn  -->> filename.imodel

All in MicroStation CONNECT update 3.