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Syn View Attributes of a sheet file to a nested reference

PowerInRoads v8i (SS2 & SS4)

Microstation v8i

Our office is starting to transition into the use of Live Nested files for our plan sheets. Everything is working well, but I am stumped on on aspect.

First we start with the Nesting file (container file) with all of the references required for the plan set. We have a regular design file that we use for our plan sheets (we do not utilize sheet models). The sheet file has the border file referenced and the container file. When we make changes in the container file the changes carry through to the plan sheet file. For most plan sets we have all levels set to bylevel and the plot drivers are set to print everything black.

There are some plan sets that require the use of Symbology Overrides. My question is if I turn on Level Overrides in the View Attributes dialog, can that setting be forced to the plan sheet files? Currently it seems as though I need to go into each sheet file and turn on Level Overrides manually in each sheet file. We do utilize Batch Processing to accomplish this task, but it would be nice to have View Attributes from the container file carry over to the sheet files..

Can this be done automatically?