MicroStation CONNECT Edition vs PowerDraft CONNECT Edition

Many folks have asked what is the difference between MicroStation CONNECT Edition and PowerDraft CONNECT Edition.

PowerDraft is basically a subset of MicroStation.  PowerDraft does not include:

  • Advanced rendering (Luxology) - PowerDraft does have editable Display Styles
  • Animation
  • Batch Convert
  • Batch Processing
  • 3D Solid Modeling Tools
  • 3D Surface Modeling Tools
  • Mesh tools

You can edit 3D models in PowerDraft with the Detailing Callout tools, so you can use it to create and work with Dynamic Views, but you cannot edit the 3D graphics (except manipulation ... move, copy, delete).

You also get the following in PowerDraft:

  • Full configuration and access to variables
  • 2D Constraints are also available in PowerDraft allowing you to create powerful 2D parametric cells. 
  • Geographic Coordinate systems
  • Full Import and Export of standard formats including all DWG versions
  • Design History
  • Full Reference, Raster, Point Cloud and Reality Mesh functionality
  • Tables, Reports, Databases and Item Types
  • Named Boundaries, Drawing Boundaries and Place Label
  • Named Expressions, MDL apps and Macros
  • and all your 2D creation, manipulation and modification tools!

Its quite a powerful piece of software for 2D drafting.  Enjoy!

Samir Haque

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