Line Disappears After Drawn

Hi All,

I've encountered a bit of a strange problem.

My lines sometimes disappear when drawn, I'll notate all the details:

- My line always appears if I start it by first snapping to an object.

- My line sometimes doesn't show if I'm not snapped to an object, but I can see the units moving down the bottom almost as though I'm drawing an invisible line.

- Sometimes I can draw the line not snapped to an object, then when I end the line segment it disappears.

- Sometimes it just works flawlessly which is great.

A bit of info on my drawings, I'm working in a 3D environment. I have a lot of shared cells and a lot of information in my drawings in general. Sometimes ACS Plane Snap seems to randomly turn on (under settings - locks - ACS Plane Snap), not sure if that's me accidentally hitting a shortcut that does that or it maybe correlating to my overall problem. This occurs to me in numerous drawings, they don't always start off that way but after a while some of them just end up like that. I'm not sure why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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