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Is there anything out there that tells the difference between a plane "File > Compress > Design" and the "File > Compress > Options"? In other words, what does the "Compress Design" tool do, that the "Compress Options" doesn't. I know Compress Design removes deleted data stored in the file (Undo buffer) that the Compress Options does not! What is some of the other junk data it removes? Also what does the Compress Design do, that the option in User Preferences to "Compress on Exit" doesn't. I am trying to explain the differences to my users.

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  • Thanks for your response Melissa!
    I am more interested in what Compress Design does, or gets rid of in a file, than the Compress Options. I understand them pretty well. But have had issues where elements/things are placed in the file and only Compress Design (no options) will remove them. I have had an issue where you had to add a line and remove it in a file, before it would Compress Design the junk out. Why? I know what it is doing or getting rid of varies between versions. But I'm curious! Some of these things are like ghost elements.
    We had an issue where the file could be opened/displayed in CE but would not open in V8i(Ss3) until it was Compressed. That's when we came across adding the line before Compressing.

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  • George - I'm curious about what your "ghost elements" are. I confess I don't know what Compress Design does when no options are selected.

    Using SS3, I found Compress Design to be inadequate even with all options selected. Shared cell definitions and unused fonts are not available as options. I modified the keyin for Compress All to include "delete scdefs all;delete unused fonts" to be more complete.
  • Hi John!
    The "Compress Design" tool and "Compress Options" tool seem to be separating the things they do!
    The Compress Design is getting rid of junk placed in the file by MicroStation (?upon lock-up) and add-ins. What junk it gets rid-of varies from one version to another version. I believe it acts like a filter to remove junk that may make the file unstable.
    The Compress Options in CE looks like they have combined some things, added others, and looks like removed others (i.e. old rendering setup junk).
    Doing a Compress Design is a good thing to do after working in the file for multiple hours, even though you probably won't see a size change. I was just looking for some kind of a general list of junk it removes.
    Using the Compress Options is getting serious with things placed in the file that can suck space, clutter a file, and may no longer be needed. BUT there are still things stored in a file, that may clutter the file/confuse future users of the file (i.e. stored Fences, Saved Views, Named Groups, extra ACS's, etc.) that are not in the Compress Options.
    I guess it's the OCD in me that wants to give our files to others without the junk placed there by multiple users over time, and that they don't need. I also like to give them as stable a file as I can. Starting with a good seed file is prime, but the users that either don't know/care, just copy existing models/files with the junk to make new files/models.

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  • You might also find the following Peer Blog produced by Marc Thomas of interest.
    He mentions AECOsim Building Designer but I believe this can also be relatable with MicroStation.

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  • Thanks for the Reply & Information Andrew!

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  • It might be simpler to say the 2 commands are the same. Compress will remove deleted elements and other things no longer needed. Compress Options allows you to add to the list of what goes and is used for all future compresses. Clicking compress in the Options dialog does the same as Compress Design.

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