Microstation Version Pre-requisites.

When I have previously installed new versions or upgrades of Microstation, at least when installing on a new computer, I have had to get and install a Pre-requisite pack with  the Microstation program. When I have looked for a download of Version I have not seen a pre-requisite pack offered.

Is it not necessary now or can I use an earlier version of the pre-requites which I have on DVD, or how do I get the files?

  • Hi Philip,

    an extension of José's answer:

    Philip Leach said:
    Is it not necessary now

    It's still necessary, even for the new CONNECT Edition. Prerequisite Pack contains not MicroStation functionality, but Windows updates, that MicroStation depends on. So it has to be ensured these updates will be installed before MicroStation. In fact, if your Windows are fully updated, the prerequisity pack installer just checks you have rights versions and probably will install nothing.

    As José wrote, newer MicroStation versions don't require separate prerequisities installer. But I slightly disagree with the used formulation This version comes with the prerequisite inside. The prerequisities are not included (it would make MicroStation installation file substantially bigger), but the installer is able to check what modules need to be updated and download them and install automatically as a part of MicroStation installation. It of course mean you have to be online when you install MicroStation.

    Philip Leach said:
    can I use an earlier version of the pre-requites which I have on DVD

    I guess not.

    Philip Leach said:
    how do I get the files?

    If you know you will be online during MicroStation installation, you don't have to take care about the prerequisities anymore.

    If you want to install MicroStation to computer that is not connected to Internet or you want to archive full installation without external dependencies, you can create Deployment Image, which is one option offered by MicroStation installer. The deployment image is a collection of all files required for installation, so such folder contains everything in a standard MicroStation installation plus all downloadable files.

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