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Latest Nvidia Drivers and 3D PDF

I'm wondering if someone from Bentley can confirm an issue that I'm having with Nvidia's latest drivers and 3D PDFs?

I'm running:
   * Windows 10 Pro 64bit
   * MicroStation SS3 (version
   * Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (version 2017.009.20044)
   * Graphics cards: GeForce GTX 770, GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Quadro K4100M
   * Nvidia Driver: Version 382.53

The problem that I'm having is that 3D PDFs no longer rotate smoothly. I use "Solid Outline" as my default render mode and when I left click on the image to rotate it around, most of the geometry reverts back to a wireframe box representation. Additionally, the black outlines are very jagged and look terrible.

I think the last Nvidia driver to work properly was version 381.89 or earlier.

I'm wondering if someone from Bentley can approach Nvidia and get them to fix whatever has broken in the latest version of their driver?

I've tried reporting the bug to Nvidia but there is no chance of getting a response from them and I can't find any discussions on the net that offer some sort of solution.

Please Bentley, help out with this, I'm desperate :-(