Tab jump order in function windows doesn't work properly

I use tab jumps in function windows a lot. When I perform any action I usually call the function window by CTRL + SPACE and then jump with TAB from box to box.

Since CE, especially CE4 some tab jumps don't work in the correct order anymore, e.g. when placing a cell the "active cell" box is highlighted/activated and pressing TAB should move the focus to the next box. Should. But instead it hops somewhere else outside that window. If I put the Cursor in "active angle" everything works as desired. Even SHIFT+TAB jumps back to the "active cell" box.

When scaling elements in V8i I could open the function window and the box "method" was activated. I could switch between items in the drop down menu by pressing SPACE, arrows and ENTER and then TAB to the next box. Now in CONNECT the TAB jumps to nowhere.

Similar behaviour can be seen in many other function windows. Very obviously some programmer didn't do his homework properly. I think I already made a service ticket for that but nothing's changed so far.

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