Working with clip volume and sections - Setting the front view and the others

When working with clip volume tools in the clip volume dialog box, you have the options to clip using the front view or side view.  My problem is how do I set this view?  my building is angle from the front view.  Sure I can rotate the clipping plane after it's creation but surely there is a way of setting one view and the other change accordingly (ex: you set the front view and when you select right or left or top they all align). 

Anybody have some tips for manipulating the view for better clip volume and sections tools?

Thanks everyone.

  • Hello Jeremie!

    There certainly is a way!  Use the Auxiliary Coordinate Systems dialog to create the different UCS’s based of your building faces.  You can get to the dialog either from the Primary toolbar or the Utilities menu.  I would suggest checking out MicroStation’s HELP to learn more about the tools and techniques.

    When you’re ready to start creating ACS’s, the first one to create should be the Global ACS.  That is when the Origin X and Y both have the value of 0.  That way you can quickly revert back to this.  Then, from there, create the necessary ACS’s based of the building faces (front elev., side elevs. etc.).

    One last thing to mention – open the Drawing Scale window (Settings menu).  In the third section of this, click the icon to “Lock Auxiliary Coordinate System”.  When this is enabled, your standard views (front, left, right, etc.) will be relative to the active ACS and not that of the view.  It’s pretty cool!

    I hope this helps!


    John Melbert

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