Changing all (or some) level colors in a reference with batch process?

Hey all!

I am still new to Micro station and VERY new to Batch Process. I wanted to find a way to change the color of one, or more, levels in a reference that is in multiple files. The basic way I was taught to do this in Microstation without batch process was to go into the level manager, select the reference file, then select the level(s) and change the color there. I have read that I want to use the color override keyin to get the result I need but I haven't had any luck. The one I have below was to try and change all the levels in the file but it did nothing. 

I am still a noob at this so if anyone has any good youtube tutorials or blogs that I should read up on please let me know. Any help is really appreciated. 

level set override color on file:RPLN-EX.dgn"* *
level set override color 168 file:RPLN-EX.dgn* *

  • When you say "haven't had any luck", do you mean that the level override hasn't changed, or that the level doesn't look any different on screen? I'm just checking, because I've set a bunch of overrides without setting the view attribute for them on - I chased that around for an embarrassingly long time.

    If you open one of your design files and go to the key-in window to enter your command, what result do you get there? Do you get an error message, or do you get nothing, or do you get something (just not what you expected)?

    What happens if you try the key-in

    level set override color 168 file:RPLN-EX.dgn all



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  • I do not see any change, how can I change the view attributes?

    And i plugged it in the keyin and still nothing, that I can see anyway. No errors at least

  • View Attributes can be found at the farthest left tool on the view border, or the last menu item under the Settings menu. Unless Level Overrides is ON, you won't see any changes in your view windows.

    Do any of these key-ins make any change in the level manager? Have you switched the symbology setting from ByLevel to Overrides to make sure?

    There could be issues with the key-ins, or they could actually be doing something that you might not be able to see if your settings aren't right. I want to make sure those are good to begin with. Then we can troubleshoot the command a bit more.


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  • yep it was that simple! Level overrides was not on. So that is one problem solved!

    But how can I do that with just a selection of levels and not all of them?

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