Changing all (or some) level colors in a reference with batch process?

Hey all!

I am still new to Micro station and VERY new to Batch Process. I wanted to find a way to change the color of one, or more, levels in a reference that is in multiple files. The basic way I was taught to do this in Microstation without batch process was to go into the level manager, select the reference file, then select the level(s) and change the color there. I have read that I want to use the color override keyin to get the result I need but I haven't had any luck. The one I have below was to try and change all the levels in the file but it did nothing. 

I am still a noob at this so if anyone has any good youtube tutorials or blogs that I should read up on please let me know. Any help is really appreciated. 

level set override color on file:RPLN-EX.dgn"* *
level set override color 168 file:RPLN-EX.dgn* *

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  • why  not go to the reference and  change it there ie levels on off and change colours... save settings then open one of you drawings and the changes to te reference should now be visible..


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