Changing all (or some) level colors in a reference with batch process?

Hey all!

I am still new to Micro station and VERY new to Batch Process. I wanted to find a way to change the color of one, or more, levels in a reference that is in multiple files. The basic way I was taught to do this in Microstation without batch process was to go into the level manager, select the reference file, then select the level(s) and change the color there. I have read that I want to use the color override keyin to get the result I need but I haven't had any luck. The one I have below was to try and change all the levels in the file but it did nothing. 

I am still a noob at this so if anyone has any good youtube tutorials or blogs that I should read up on please let me know. Any help is really appreciated. 

level set override color on file:RPLN-EX.dgn"* *
level set override color 168 file:RPLN-EX.dgn* *

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