How to transfer level properties and view preferences (including those of references) to other drawings?

I have the following problem:

I have a rather complex project with multiple references with about 300 levels each. The big mama plan with all planning information is referenced into single drawings. In the first plan I made all necessary adjustments as colors, weights in all references (as symbology overrides only) and switched on/off various levels (in the level display box) in order to use it as a "master" for the following derived plans. Now two references have been exchanged and need to be adjusted accordingly in 13 drawings.

When exporting the levels I only get the levels from the big mama plan itself, not the view adjustments and the changed symbology overrides. Saved views seem to be the wrong way, too. I can't just make all the changes in the references various themselves and reattach them as the big mama plan has been attached multiple times with different display choices and visible levels.

Does anyone have an idea as to how to transfer all adjustments in one go? I'd go mad making all adjustments over and over again...