Geographic coordinate system missing


I'm currently working in a big railway project that uses a bespoke GCS.

I was following a forum post that explaining how to create a transformation. In the process the seed file "UserOverrideGeodeticTransformSeed.asc" needed to be altered.

The heading of the file contain the following text:

"# In case of absolute necessity it is possible to override the list or
# order of the grid shift files for a specific datum transformation.
# This should only be done if no other solution is available.
# Bentley Systems would be glad to introduce new files directly
# referenced by the built-in system dictionary as part of a refresh to
# its software. Contact Bentley system through the normal support channel."

As you can imagine this new GCS is a big headache with all the legacy data.

Is there anyone in the position to help?

Thank you in advance for your time.



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  • Summary

    • I’m using MicroStation Connect Update 6
    • The project is using a SnakeGrid provided bespoke GCS
    • Legacy data is on the UK National Grid
    • The project opted to use FME [for data translation]

    None of those solutions work seamlessly

    It looks like the missing component is a custom GCS for MicroStation that corresponds to the data translated by FME.  Can FME generate that GCS?

    If FME can't provide that information, you could commission someone to write a GCS generator for you. The API for MicroStation CONNECT includes GCS support.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions