Microstation crashes when changing models thru project explorer

My Microstation is crashing when changing models in the project explorer.  

I have a problem switching between models in SS4.  I can switch once from default to a cross section layout but switching back to default or to another model crashes Microstation.

I can recreate this problem on other work stations in my office so its not specific to one computer.

It works fine while using the Models dialog (File Pulldown>Models).



Win 10 and Win 7

I have done the usual, checked the drivers, cleaned the system. I did have the "lock pages in memory" note in About Microstation under help which I fixed.

Is there any other suggestions?

Thank you

  • Please log a Service Request. You may have to provide the crash logs (exception.log, minidump.dmp)

    Check the following link
    How to quickly find and collect exception logs

    If its file specific, kindly attach a small dataset.

    Leonard Jones.

  • Check your ondemad virus checker..

    Your IT might have enabled checks on both read and write..

    The behaviour you describe is similar..

    If  microstation element caching is interrupted on opening an empty file, writing one element then again on opening the main file and again on writing, then again ..   and again and again it loses the plot and you will get caching errors a plenty.     Happens most when exchanging or making a reference active etc..
    also in Inrail/Roads as the application starts.. putting everything on level 0... then saves the DGN as microstation exits due to crash.. :-((

    I made myself redundant in 2009 by getting the virus scanner guy to add 3 simple exceptions to the scanner

    the microstation Temp folder where it writes its element cache,  


    *.rbk  rebar database files


    Find out what virus scanner and its settings.

    If it is set to max and checks both read and write..that's the reason.