CONNECT SPEED - Users are STOP using CE


This has been raised many times by many people in this forum, including myself

We are now at CE9 and this is STILL AN ISSUE

I have many clients that I am trying to get to use CONNECT....  

They are ALL saying........

WE CANNOT USE CONNECT because it is SO SO SO SO SLOW.  Their same files in V8i are super fast.

  • CE opening times are a horendous
  • File Navigation is a horendous

If you compare CE to V8i... users will opt for V8i every time, V8i is literally is a fraction of time.  User cannot and will not wait for 2-5 minutes to open the software, they will not wait to open another dgn file.  So not matter how hard we try to convince them CE is the way forward... they simply say NO.

THIS IS NOW A CRITICAL ISSUE and BENTLEY you seriously need to get this FIXED ASAP. 

As I mentioned we are now at CE9 and this issue is still present.........its beyond a joke.

In my opinion... stop working on anything else and get the speed issue fixed or you will not have any users left to use it.  Its only a matter of time before you lose them and they start using ACAD!!!!!!!

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I remember Keith Bentley information long time ago that based on internal testing, a migration from 32bit to 64bit code brings about 10% performance increase

    If comparing like-for-like code (i.e. apples vs. apples), I'm sure that's true.  Unfortunately, Bentley Systems did not develop a 64-bit version of MicroStation V8i.  Instead, they developed a new product that uses many new technologies.  The new product has so many bells & whistles that it's slower than its predecessor.  We're looking at apples vs. oranges.

    Compare that approach with, say, Intel's tick-tock strategy.  Intel's processors depend on two primary technologies: architecture and silicon. A tick-tock cycle lasts about two years.  The 'tick' refers to improved architecture.  The 'tock' refers to improved silicon.  They don't do both simultaneously.  They introduce each separately, about a year apart.  That gives Intel time to refine each change before proceeding to the next.  Has that strategy been successful for Intel and its customers?

    Drawing an analogy with MicroStation, a 'tick' would have been a 64-bit port of V8i.  A 'tock' would have been the addition of bells & whistles to 64-bit V8i to develop CONNECT.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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