Place Label with multiple levels

Using the label tool to place labels calling off space info (room names, numbers areas etc) 

The cell I have created has 3 separate text elements, each on different levels for different displays and drawings, however, when placing the label does not honour these levels, instead placing all elements on the same (active) levels. Is there anyway to get the label to honour the original levels? 

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  • what i am looking for is a cell with a label placed simply from a cell lib

    I think that's worth a new post on this Forum.  Please describe what you want to see in the cell model, and what you expect to see once that cell is placed in a DGN model.

    A cell definition can include text elements that have text fields that reflect the value of a property.  The property can belong to the DGN file, model or cell once it's placed in a  model. 

    My understanding is that the behaviour of Item Types in a cell model should mimic that of Tags in a cell model.  See the comment by in this Idea.

    Regards, Jon Summers
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