how to print the filling of a reference drawing?

I'm currently working with microstation v8i and I have a reference drawing with hexagons shapes in it, the hexagons appear filled but whenever I plot or cache the drawing, I will only see the outline and not the filling. 

The fill option is turned on in the attributes menu, on the reference presentation menu, etc.

If I plot directly from the original file it will turn out ok, plotting the filling. The problem is only when I use it as a reference in another drawing.

I have also tried changing all the options from the information menu (while on the original file) to change the display settings so its not in wireframe, changing color, transparency,  you name it.

The only partial solution I find for now is drawing a new filled hexagon while on the new drawing and place it over the reference, that way it will plot the filling. However this method is too time consuming since I have over 80 hexagons per drawing and not to mention that if I move a hexagon in the original drawing I would have to move the hexagons in the new drawing as well, defeating the purpose of having a reference and making me work twice.

Ps. the model is in 3d and the saved view is in plan view, where the hexagons are drawn in 2d, just in case it has something to do with it

Please help!

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