Geographic Coordinate System for Slovak Republic/Slovakia_URGENT

Hi Bentleys,

I am working years with MicroStation from very start to todays, for Slovakia in library as Europe/Czechslovakia  was GCS as S-JTSK valid for both countries,

btw Slovak and Czech Republic are separated to two independent republics from 1993 , so it could be fine to divide it in library too,so I say why

I never had any in problem with GCS, but after MSCEU7 , S-JTSK for Slovakia dissapeared from library of GCS and was replaced with s-JTSK 05 , but this GCS /JTSK05 is not valid for Slovakia and and so Slovakia missed valid GCS in library MS

I wrote about this really serious problem months ago , problem is not only in MSCE but in all application with MSCE core, as AECOSim, ORD,ORCS, CC  and so on , i found it when ORCS informed me about unknown GCS and was not able to work , and old dgn with S-JTSK was out of data, :-(

I had to go back from MSCE to V8i, because all cadastre data are in S-JTSK

now is released MSCEU9.1, but library has not GCS for Slovakia again , it is really frustrated , how to explain to investor serious and curious problem, 

it could be fine to see in MSCEU10  in Library of GCS : Slovakia /or Slovak Republic with valid systems by geoportal /geodesy of Slovak Republic are:

S-JTSK : EPSG::5513 (South-West), ::EPSG::5514 (East-North)

S-JTSK03 EPSG:: 8352 (South-West), EPSG::8353 (East-North)


or old s-jtsk from V8i,V7 and pls. dont forget to insert into all relevant applications for slovak users could use them

regards and soon