MicroStation CONNECT - Tips to speed up pefromance

Buried in a different thread Bob Rayner gave some tips to improve the performance of MicroStation CONNECT Edition. I thought it would be a good idea to pull out those tips and start another discussion thread specifically for performance tips.

Fom Bob Rayner...

"My speed improved quite a bit after I set up workspace(s) and some worksets within each. I also found defining several key configuration variables helped as well. The other thing I did was set-up a batch process to add files to their appropriate worksets.

I've been using since version 4 (Intergraph before that) and I've never been this disappointed. For me it's the bugs more that the speed, although raster references still seem to be a real chore. Really hoping Bentley can get this thing sorted out, they must be in a near panic. Guessing it was bad decisions right form the top over how to implement the 64 bit version.

I'm getting along much better than I was 6 weeks ago, although twice I've delivered documents to clients with stuff missing, this never happened before."


Turn off the user preference setting Update Settings > Check for Updates on Product Launch


Using Bob's tips as inspiration, here is a list of tips to improve MicroStation CONNECT performance to get started:

  1. Do not log in to CONNECTION Client unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Set up WorkSpaces and WorkSets.

  3. Add design files to the appropriate Worksets. An example Batch Process script to do this can be found here.
  4. Verify the various path type configuration variables are pointing to the correct locations and do not include extraneous folders. This includes variables such as
      - MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST (and all other DGNLIBLIST variables)
      - MS_DGNAPPS
      - MS_RFDIR

  5. In your User Preferences turn off the user preference setting Update Settings > Check for Updates on Product Launch

  6. In your User Preferences turn off the user preference setting Help Settings > Use Online Help

Feel free to add your own tips to this disucssion.

  • For those of you with Civil 3D installed, ive also recently discovered that the Civil 3D 2018 object enabler takes over file handling of DWGs in Microstation CONNECT (over the RealDWG filehandler) and is much slower to open DWGs and DGNs wih DWG references, etc.

    I have uninstalled it and now have the Civil 3D 2019 object enabler installed and it seems to leave Microstation using RealDWG and DWG loading is substantially faster.



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